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This Page Will Explain How I Can Help You Add $20,000+ per Month in MRR Using What I Call the Fans to Buyers Formula.

If you want an email marketing system that puts qualified, pre-sold leads on your sales team's calendar, I invite you to watch this short video now:

Past clients include:

About MeMy name is Chris Laub and since 2015, I've helped more than 100+ entrepreneurs increase conversion, lead flow and revenue.In 2009, I rose to Senior Executive level at an Inc. 500 marketing agency just two years out of college.Similar to many of you, however, I desired freedom and control over my time.So I left the company and hung my shingle as a marketing consultant.Fast forward to today and my client list spans 50+ B2B and B2C industries, including working with a variety of Shark Tank, Inc. 5000 and Two Comma Club winners.

Discover How the Fans to Buyers Formula Turns Cold Leads to Hot Prospects:

From the Desk of: Chris Laub
Date: June 2nd, 2023
Location: Rio de Janeiro

As AI gets better at generating high quality content, agencies who try to compete on "quality of information" will be wiped out.Why?Because once ChatGPT-5 comes out, someone with ZERO knowledge of your industry will be able to type in a prompt and boom:Expert level content in seconds.

What AI won't be able to do, however, is create the bonds that turn lukewarm followers into buyers.See, we as humans are hard-wired for bonding.Which is why we gravitate to people whose stories, humor and values align with our own.The problem is:While social media is great for filling the top of your funnel (making new people aware you exist)...

Using social media to:#1 - Nurture the leads in the middle of your funnel, and...
#2 - Convert the leads at the bottom of your funnel
...is notoriously difficult.Which is why all the 7 and 8-figure marketers I've worked with use:1 - Social + Search for Top of Funnel (ToFu)
2 - Email + Community for Middle of Funnel (MoFu)
3 - Sales Pages, VSLs and Phone Calls for Bottom of Funnel (BoFu).

See, most agencies are decent at driving awareness (ToFu).And they're excellent when it comes to selling by phone (BoFu).What they struggle with is nurturing prospects from cold to hot (MoFu).Which if you know anything about Chet Holmes 'Buyer's Pyramid,' is the most important part of the process.

Which is exactly what the Fans to Buyers Formula is about:Leveraging email marketing turn cold leads into pre-sold, "ready to buy" prospects.Now, odds are I don't need to tell you how profitable email marketing is.

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing channels, email is still the "workhorse" in terms of delivering consistent, predictable results.And as you'll see in the images below...I've used the Fans to Buyers Formula - a unique form of email marketing - to generate leads for and sell most everything you can imagine.From low and mid-ticket information products / courses...

To generating leads for Done With You and Done For You services, like coaching and agency offers:

I've even used email (combined Google Docs) to sell $5,000+ services with no phone calls whatsoever:

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Click the links below to see email samples from past clients with the elements of the Fans to Buyers Formula highlighted for easy identification.

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And watch as we use on-brand, hype-free emails to mimic your authentic voice while driving predictable sales.

  • In-depth market research and analysis

  • Offer construction / overhauls

  • Message testing and optimization

  • Lead capture setup and optimization

  • White glove, fully Done For You email marketing and organic social media management

  • End-to-end tracking + analytics to ensure accurate ROI accountability

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q - Is this for daily / weekly newsletter style emails or automated sequences?A - I provide both as the ideal situation is to have a lead come into your funnel, go through an automated sequence, then be moved onto your ongoing newsletter.Q - Do you guarantee results?A - For clients who qualify, yes.Q - What criteria does someone need to meet to qualify?A - There are a variety of factors I take into consideration, from list size, to how much your services cost, to your company's brand reputation, etc.Q - What industries do you work in?A - While I work with a select group of consultants, the bulk of my focus is on helping agencies.Q - Is this going to add to my workload?A - No. In general, I rarely speak to my clients on the phone after our initial meetings.Instead, I combine a) the information gathered during your onboarding process, b) my internal research process, and c) the content you're already creating to develop email ideas.Q - Ok I understand you write the emails, but what about running the email software and managing the list?A - I handle everything from A to Z, including setting up and managing 3rd party analytics. This is a white-glove Done For You service.Q - Google Analytics isn't exactly accurate these days. How are you able to determine which of my sales came from your email marketing campaign?A - I pay for 3rd party analytics out of my own pocket for this exact reason: So we can identify which of your sales come from my emails.This, in turn, allows me to show precisely which leads are being generated from my service (allowing you to calculate ROI, etc.).Q - The text above mentions social media posts. What does that have to do with email?A - If it's relevant to your audience, I may offer Twitter and/or LinkedIn ghostwriting or blogging as a method for driving more traffic (and more email subscribers) to your business.This service is separate from my email marketing services and is not required if all you want to do is email.Q - Why are you such an amazing surfer but not a professional?A - I didn't want to destroy the careers of dozens of young men, so I decided to manage people's emails lists instead.

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